SD Brake Bud Mobile ASE Certified Brake Specialist


Small vehicles complete brake inspection $59.99

Large Vehicle Complete Brake Inspection $69.99

Complete Clean And Lube Service $29.99

Brake Pads And Rotors Replacement labor -Sedan $39.99 -Truck Suv $49.99

Clean And Lube Is Included With Brake Pad and Rotor Replacement

Complete Brake Inspection Includes The following:

Free Tire Rotation

Front and Rear Brake Pad Reading

, Rotor readings/discard

Tire Pressure

and Tire Tread Reading

Free Inspections included:

Steering Wheel Play and Wheel Bearing Play

While The Tire Are Off I Inspect The Struts, Shocks, Tie Rod Ends, Sway Bar End Links, and Lower Control Arm Bushings

Under the hood inspection includes Air filter inspection as well as fluid level and conditions

ASE Certified Brakes, Suspension and Steering